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Snapshot 23w07a Released: Sniffers, Archeology and New Biome


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Snapshot 23w07a turned out to be incredibly rich in interesting innovations. It featured three experimental innovations from version 1.20 at once. Some interesting changes have also been made, which will appear already in version 1.19.4.

Experimental snapshot updates 23w07a:

Added new mob – Sniffer:

  • the mob is the winner of the last vote;
  • according to the developers, this is the first “ancient” mob in the game, which means that there may be more of them in subsequent updates;
  • the sniffer cannot be lured or tamed;
  • the mob will slowly move and sniff;
  • sometimes the sniffer will find unique seeds that can be used to propagate this mob or planted to grow a new flower.

Added a new biome – Cherry Grove:

  • biome, which grows beautiful cherry trees with pink crowns;
  • can be found among the mountains, as well as meadows;
  • cherry trees have pink wood, which can be used to make all the usual wooden objects.

Added basic Archeology:

  • added a new item – a brush;
  • added a new block – suspicious sand, it can be found in desert temples and wells;
  • sand is very fragile, but if you apply a brush to it, you can find ancient objects;
  • clearing suspicious sand, you can find clay fragments. from which you can craft decorative pots with various patterns.

Future changes in version 1.19.4:

  • the jukebox now emits a redstone signal during operation;
  • dispenser and hopper can interact with the player;
  • the workbench recipe is now available immediately after creating the mod;
  • campfire and crossbow recipes no longer open after adding a stick to inventory;
  • breeding of horses has been changed, now the characteristics of foals will not tend to the average values of their parents, which will gradually improve the offspring.

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