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The First Snapshot of Version 1.19.4 is out – 23w03a


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Players were already expecting the early release of version 1.20, but the first snapshot in 2023 announces work on the next subversion of Wild Update – 1.19.4. This snapshot has some useful features for easier access, as well as new commands that will definitely come in handy for the creator of maps and data packs.

Main changes of snapshot 23w03a:

  • vexes now have a special attack when not holding any item in their hand;
  • armor stands retain the names given to them after destruction and re-installation;
  • when you first start the game, a window with easy access settings now appears;
  • in the main menu, you can now navigate through the items using the arrow keys (to select, press Enter or spacebar);
  • added the ability to set the time for which notifications are delayed on the screen.

Many console commands have also been changed and new ones have been added. The most interesting of them is ride. It allows you to ride any entity in the game. The command has the following format: ride <target> mount <vehicle>. Instead of <target>, you need to substitute the player’s nickname, and instead of <vehicle> – the entity that they must ride. Previously, for this effect, you had to use mods or data packs, but now everything is available in the vanilla version. Also, many will find it interesting to change the weather command. Now, after specifying the type of weather, the player can additionally set how long it will last. If you do not specify anything, the duration will remain standard.


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