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Minecraft 1.19.3 Will be Released in December


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The first pre-release of version 1.19.3 is now available! At the same time, the developers announced the approximate release date for the next update. If everything goes according to plan, it will be available on December 6th. In the meantime, small changes continue to be made to Minecraft to improve the gameplay.

Main changes of the first pre-release 1.19.3:

  • Added the possibility to select spawn options for mobs and items through the command line. For example, a player can spawn a horse of a certain color or a villager with a chosen profession and level. You can select the desired option using the variant keyword.
  • A new optional option, replace, has been added to the fillbiome command. It allows you to specify the biome to be replaced with a new one.
  • The player’s head received a field in which you can assign a sound that will be played when it is placed on a note block.

Also, the game has fixed bugs related to the latest innovations. If no new critical bugs are found, then in two weeks the new version will be available in launchers!


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