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Snapshot 20w21a: custom worlds and dimensions


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In the new snapshot, experiments are continuing on new features and ease of play. Now Minecraft has the opportunity to export and import world creation settings, which can open up a lot of new opportunities for players. Also, several less significant changes were made to the game to improve the balance of the gameplay.

In the parameters of the world creation, many news options have appeared that allow you to fine-tune the generation of the world. The “Buffet” generation type has been removed, instead of it there are now three separate types: “Caves”, “Surface” and “Floating Islands”. After creating the world, the player can go to its editing menu and export user settings to a .json file. This file can be modified to fine-tune the generation, including changing the parameters of other dimensions. When creating a new world, you can import previously created settings.

Other  snapshot innovations:

  • during loading, the new Minecraft and Mojang logos are now updated, updated in honor of the 11th anniversary of the game;
  • now you can change the appearance of a single piece of redstone (line or cross) with the right mouse click, placement in the form of a point does not send a signal to the surrounding blocks;
  • Piglin, attracted by golden naggets, standing still, but hide it if attacked;
  • increased frequency of different ore types spawning in basaltic deltas;
  • lilypads caught during fishing are now marked as garbage, not treasures;
  • bugs fixed and technical changes made to improve the gameplay.

The developers noticed that all changes related to custom world settings are experimental. This means that they can be greatly changed before the full release and may not work correctly even in the next snapshot.


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