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New Nether Advancements in Snapshot 20w20a


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With the release of a new snapshot, players will have even more reasons to explore the Nether Dimension. Ten new achievements have been added to Minecraft, most of which are related to the latest innovations. Some old achievements were also redesigned and switching between  game modes was simplified.

Full list of new achievements from the snapshot 20w20a:

Hidden in the Depths – find ancient debris;

Cover Me in Debris – collect a full set of Netherite armor;

Country Lode, Take Me Home (reference to the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”) – use compass on lodestone;

Who Is Cutting Onions? – get a block of crying obsidian;

Not Quite “Nine” Lives – reach maximum charge of Respawn Anchor (4);

This Boat Has Legs – ride a strider using a Fungus on a Stick;

Hot Tourist Destinations –  visit all of Nether’s biomes;

Those Were the Days – find Bastion Remnant;

War Pigs (reference to the song of the same name by Black Sabbath) – provoke an attack by the Piglin by opening a chest in the bastion;

Oh Shiny  – distract aggressive piglin with gold.

The achievements already present in the game have also been changed:

Bullseye – now it is issued only when it hits the target only from a distance of 30 or more blocks.

Serious Dedication – instead of a diamond hoe, now you need to use up the netherite one.

Another innovation is the quick switch between game modes. To do this, hold F3 and press F4. Having reached the desired mode, you just need to release F3. In addition, a graphical switching interface will appear,  the mode can be selected with the mouse.


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