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How to Create Cars with the Ultimate Car Mod


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The Ultimate Car mod will help you create cars in Minecraft, make roads, install gas stations. For each item, special crafts have been added, some mechanics are very difficult, for example, creating fuel is a very laborious process. Let’s figure it out.

Cars Crafting

The first step is to create a special Car Workshop.  It features a 5×3 grid, which is larger than the usual Crafting Table. It is in it that cars will be created.

How to Create Car Workshop?

  1. Craft 8 blocks of “Car workshop Part”.

  1. Craft 1 block of  “Car workshop”.

  1. Place the Car workshop in the center and 8 other blocks around it.

  1. The blocks are converted to a workshop. Now you can open it and create a car from parts.

Now you can start crafting the car. There are several types of car, there are separate recipes for them.

Wood car

  • х1 Wooden case
  • х1 Wooden bumper
  • х1 Number frame
  • х1 Any engine cylinder engine
  • х1 Any tank
  • х4 Wheels


  • х1 Concrete enclosure
  • х1 Number frame
  • х1 Any engine cylinder engine
  • х1 Any tank
  • х4 Large wheels


  • х1 Truck body
  • х1 Container
  • х1 Number frame
  • х1 Any tank
  • х1 Any engine
  • х6 Wheels

Sports car

  • х1 Sports car body
  • х1 Number frame
  • х1 Tank
  • х1 Engine
  • х4 Wheels

Almost all components of cars can be changed, experiment!

Well, the car has been created, but how can you refuel it?

Fuel Creation

Fuel craft is not easy with this mod.

  1. You need to collect some grass to get Canola Seeds.

  1. The seeds should be planted and grown on a regular farm, and then collected and obtained Canola.

  1. Create blocks and place them like in the picture.
  • Dynamo. Later it can be replaced with a generator. The block is needed to create energy. Place Crank on the top of the block.
  • Oil Mill. A canola must be placed in the block, which will produce oil.
  • Blast Furnace. Any tree must be put into a special oven. Coal and methanol will be produced.
  • BlackMix Reactor. The mixer combines liquids to produce Canola-Methanol.

  1. Connect all blocks with a cable.

  1. Create a Pipe and Extrator and then connect them as in the picture.

  1. Put all of the above items in the appropriate blocks, and also start moving the Crank to generate energy. Production will start.

  1. Now the resulting mechanism must be connected with pipes to the “Spilt Tank”.

  1. Final stage. It is necessary to connect the tanker to the gas station. Now you can use it to refuel the car.

To refuel the car, you must put it close to the gas station. After that, exit and right-click on the station. An interface will appear in which you must click the Start button.

The manual generator can be replaced with a diesel engine that will generate energy from fuel.


The machine has been created and filled. But how to drive without roads? The author added the ability to create asphalt, apply markings on it, make fences and other decorations.


Item for marking drawing

How to mark up?

  1. Craft a paint roller.
  2. Place blocks of asphalt.
  3. Press Shift and right-click. Now you can select the required markup.

Useful Information

Here are some useful facts that you can use while playing.

  • After creating the car, the player will receive two keys. One of them is a spare, you can hide it and use it in case you lose the main one.
  • The key can be used to lock and open the vehicle.
  • There is a repair kit that will help you quickly fix your car.
  • Going on a long trip? Don’t forget to take some cans of gas with you.
  • The more damage the car takes, the slower it moves.
  • Each car has a trunk. You can open it and put some items there.

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