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20w14infinite Snapshot Warps Guide. Worlds with Easter Eggs and Cool Generations.


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In honor of the first of April in 2020, a very interesting snapshot was released, in which the developers decided to add “all at once.” Now, over a two billions dimensions have appeared in Minecraft, most of which are randomly generated and can look really cool and unusual. You can get into the dimension made of diamond blocks, one huge village or into a world where day and night are replaced every three seconds. But the most interesting part of the update is the so-called “Easter eggs” portals. Here we list them and tell you how to get into each of them.

To get into random dimensions, you first need to create a standard Nether portal. To do this, you need to build a frame of obsidian with a size of at least 4 blocks wide and 5 high, and set fire to it with a flint.

After that, you need to take a book and quill, write any text into it and drop it into the portal, going up to it and pressing Q. If the portal has changed color, then everything turned out. In creative mode, you may not build any portals, but use the /warp command with any additional word, for example, /warp newworld.

Easter Eggs Dimensions

If you want to get into one of the 43 worlds created by developers, then use these words in the book or warp command:

ant – An endless flat white dimension, near the portal is a constantly moving block that creates an abstract pattern. The name, most likely, is a reference to ants that go on repeating routes.

basic – The whole world is presented in the form of a huge maze. A reference to the labyrinths, the generation of which could be written in Basic.

blacklight – Dimension with inverted light behavior. It is dark here during the day, and light at night; lava and fire generate darkness around itself.

brand The whole surface of the world made in the shape of multi-colored faces of creepers.

bridges A dimension with a lot of randomly generated bridges made from End stone.

busy Redstone dimension with many mechanisms and blocks. On weak PCs, it is better not to move here, since the load on the computer grows significantly.

checkerboard – Flat dimension in the form of a huge multi-colored chessboard.

chess – It copies the standard dimension, but the whole world is covered in black cells.

colors The world is divided into four color zones: blue, red, green and yellow.

content – A sky-blocking island floating in the void, with one tree and a chest that has everything you need to survive. A reference to mass streams and skype block survival streams on YouTube.

credits – Captions that appear after killing a dragon, fully laid out from netherite.

custom – An endless flat world lined with special black and yellow blocks. If you build a portal near the spawn, you can find a sign with the text«UNDER CONSTRUCTION».

darkness – Absolutely dark world, except for a small area around the portal.

decay – At first glance, the world completely copies the standard one, but the farther from the spawn point, the more “broken” it becomes. Landscapes become weird, and most blocks randomly hang in the air.

fleet – An endless fleet of Edge ships located in an Betweenlands biome, which exists only in this snapshot.

gallery – A world filled with spiral structures similar to DNA models.

holes –A dimension that resembles a standard world, but with many huge holes of various shapes in random places.

isolation – A huge flat world in which there is only one house, surrounded by a fence. Inside, you can find a resident named Bob, living with three dogs. Near the house there are two signs:«Go Away!» and «INGEN REKLAM TACK!» (swedish – “No Ads, Thanks!”).

library – An endless library built of special blocks that are an infinite source of books.

llama –A special dimension for relaxation, from anywhere in the world you will find yourself in a small room with a llama in blanket and a picture on the wall. Behind the portal you can find a secret chest with a book called “The Book”. If you drop her into the portal, she will open the dimension #709 735 702.

message An empty dimension with the words “We apologize for the inconvenience.” in the air. Perhaps it is a reference to the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

missing – Absolutely empty world, with a portal in the air.

notes A flat world consisting of musical blocks, each of which plays a random note using a random instrument. All this happens contrary to the normal behavior of such blocks, because there are no other blocks under them and no redstone signal is emitted.

nothing – At first glance, it’s an absolutely empty dimension. But according to the coordinates 502640 99 1482448, you can find the block with the tablets that says “Ha! I lied!” and “This isn’t nothing!”. It is interesting that the chunk with this block has coordinates 31415 92653, in which you can see the Pi number, reduced to 10 characters.

origin Another almost empty world. There is nothing here but three axes of multi-colored blocks located in the zero coordinates of the map.

patterns – A dimension filled with solid black and white cells. The coloring pattern is formed on the basis of numbers in binary form, and the number increases on each neighboring cell.

perfection – A dimension consisting of an infinite number of repeating cobblestone rooms.

pillars – A world filled with huge obsidian columns.

retro A world consisting of their black blocks, where each chunk has a lime-colored stroke.

rooms – A dimension in which the ordinary world is divided into rooms using a high brick wall.

shapes – The whole space is filled with various 3D-shapes (cubes, balls, pyramids, etc.).

skygrid – Recreates the world that the popular Sethbling youtuber created for survival. The whole world is filled with blocks hanging in the air, located at the same distance from each other. All kinds of blocks are present, even those that usually cannot exist separately from others, for example, plants or rails.

slime – A dimension that copies the standard world, but the entire surface is covered with slug blocks to a height of 10 blocks.

spiral – Here you can find a huge spiral of mossy cobblestone.

sponge – The world in the form of a Menger Sponge (three-dimensional fractal figure), consisting exclusively of sponges.

terminal – A dark, flat world, on the surface of which you can find the inscription “C: \ _”, written with the help of a special cursor block that helps simulate the blinking of the cursor in the input line.

this_is_a_very_long_phrase_that_hopefully_is_not_in_any_dictionary” – The secret world that was the hardest to find. Contains a message from developers written in grass blocks. If you get into this world in any other way, the inscription will be like this: “Uh uh uh! You didn’t say the magic word!”. The phrase is a reference to the Jurassic Park movie.

tunnels – A world of tunnels of random shape, which are created from marine lanterns.

wall – The world, divided by a huge wall from the bedrock, passing along the zero X-coordinate. At 0 0 point  there is an iron door. The dimensuion repeats the upper world, but on one side of the world it is in red shades, and on the other – in blue.

zones – A dimensuion filled with invisible zones, where the player receives the “Blindness” and “Poisoning” effects.

Color measurements with the words blue, green, and red are generated in blue, green, and red, respectively.

Cool Random Worlds

Some worlds were not intentionally created, but random generation made them incredibly cool. Users on Reddit and thematic forums regularly share interesting finds, here are the coolest ones:

overworld — A world with many unusual biomes. For example, there is a roof from the bedrock, under which you can find a beautiful multi-colored dungeon from quartz blocks or a surface from lava blocks, under which the whole space is filled with diamond blocks.

space — Dimension with the jungle in which purple hens live.

owo  — A very strange world with many hostile mobs;

mojang — Quite an interesting dimension for survival, similar to skyblock maps. Everywhere hovering stone balls, on which you can sometimes find chests and shalkers.

— Endless mushroom biome with lava oceans.

123456789012345678 — An unusual world, partially consisting of sponges, in which a huge number of ender dragons live.

— A standard world with strangely distorted colors.

ships — A flat world from a bedrock, on the surface of which chests and blocks of different ceramics are lying randomly. Sometimes ships are found. Under the hip, you can find something like an analogue of nezer, but in pink colors.

nightmare – A dimension in which you can meet giants (cut out from the game mobs in the looking like huge zombies). Emerald blocks are also everywhere. It is not recommended to break stones, they are all infected with silverfish.

twobillion – Always puts the player is not the top edge of the  End city, the area around is quite strange, but suitable for survival.

diamondstack – Dimension with huge reserves of diamond blocks.

Over time, we will complement this guide with the best randomly generated worlds. In the meantime, you can leave your most interesting finds in the comments!


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  • I dont think dimension twobilion isnt sutible for surviving

  • Try normal

  • In dimension “normal” you will find end city ships with strange lighting and the void is black.

  • Ist god

  • No game

  • 20w14 infinite

  • infinite

  • “pen” crashes the game once you go though

  • Hey, use “Mojang” and you will get into a world of mineshaft!

    • “weep” also crashes

  • umm try /warp oop trust me

  • mncrft

  • Hey, using /warp tayerr will give you a bedrock dimension made out of end island portals, I also found some underwater ruins and other structures structures spawn above ground here. Like fossils and end cities. (As well as some weird random formations!)

  • /warp end , ocelotgiel19 , lord of the rings

  • /warp 3


  • using my old username, stripedspot will place you into a cursed world.

  • I don’t know if it’s natural or intentional… /warp diamondstack

    • Cool, it`s works! I`ll add this warp to guide.

      • Also try /warp normal

  • I think that “Minecraft” dimension gives you a lotta diamond blocks 🙂

    • Yep, but they are hidden under bedrock surface, lol.

      • Huh. I wonder if you could make a survival world, find diamonds, make a “Credits” portal, and obtain Netherite in massive quantities.
        Well, the entire Minecraft snapshot is like a big modpack..

        • Nice idea. But warps are case-sensetive, so use “credits” word 😉

      • Also, just checked, they are not under any sort of surface… just like a diamond extreme hills kinda thing..

        • Maybe it depends on seed, cuz i got only bedrock plains every time.

  • Blatant plagiarization of reddit comments. How about producing some of your own ideas?

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