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Snapshot 21w12a: respawn in Nether and other changes


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In snapshot 21w12, new features have appeared that make survival in the Nether World more interesting. Finally, an item was added thanks to which players will no longer be returned to the normal dimension after death – Respawn Anchor.

To craft a new block, 3 glowstone and 6 blocks of a crying obsidian are used, which was added in recent snapshots and had no use before. After crafting the anchor, it must be installed in a suitable place for the spawn and click on it with the glowstone up to four times. After that, you need to click on the anchor of the right mouse button again to activate the respawn point. Here it will be possible to resurrect up to four times, after which the block needs to be “recharged”, again clicking on it with the photocamera in hand.

Other snapshot innovations:

  • polished basalt is added, you can get by burning ordinary basalt in the furnace;
  • piglin children can now go ride hoglins stacked;
  • nether gold ore can now be mined with any type of pickaxe and drops a few gold nuggets;
  • fishing loot is now obtained only in open waters;
  • the bee’s flight radius around the hive is reduced to 22 blocks;
  • redesigned generation of underground sounds;
  • parrots are now less likely to copy the sounds of hostile mobs and do not do this at all on peaceful difficulty;
  • fixed some bugs.

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  • Hey, just a heads up. The snapshot this was added to minecraft was 20w12a not 21w12a. 🙂

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