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Snapshot 20w09a: new blocks and other changes


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The new snapshot got not only the Nether changes, but also a block with new functions. Now the game has a working target block, which was announced at Minecon. Other changes are mostly decorative and made to improve the appearance of Nether.

The target block can be crafted in survival mode, for this you need one block of hay and four redstone powders. You can shoot at it from a bow, as well as throw tridents, snowballs and eggs. The closer to the center the hit is, the stronger the redstone signal will send the block.

Other changes in 20w09a snapshot:

  • bartering loot has been restructured to be more appealing to survival players;
  • entities now get pushed by flowing lava;
  • huge Fungi will now grow only on its matching type of Nylium;
  • can now place Warped/Crimson roots and fungi into pots;
  • nether wart blocks can be cleared quickly using a hoe;
  • warped wart blocks can be cleared quickly using a hoe;
  • weeping vines are now climbable;
  • biome fog color smoothly blends between biomes;
  • changed ambient block lighting in the Nether to be on parity with other editions.

The changes also affected the mobs, which in previous versions of Minecraft were zombie pigmen. Now they have received the name “Zombie Piglin”, as well as a model and texture that makes them more like Piglin.



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