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The first Nether updates in 20w06a snapshot


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The first snapshot of version 1.16, also known as Nether Update, has been released. In 20w06a, several biomes, blocks, as well as new mobs from Nether, the hogling, were added. The Nether is completely transformed and now you have to explore it anew. Also, small changes received the standard measurement. And thanks to the Fabric loader, the first mods for version 1.16 are already available.

The snapshot turned out to be quite large-scale, but this is only the beginning of the planned changes.

New Biomes

Now in the Nether there are four biomes at once. One of them is Nether Wastes, which was previously the only biome in Hell. In addition to it, the following areas were added:

  1. Warped forest. Mushroom forest in dark blue colors. Almost its entire surface is covered with nilium – a new hellish vegetation. The “trees” in this forest are essentially huge mushrooms. In the air, you can notice new particles – fungal spores. Another feature of this location is a constant bluish fog. In many places you can find Shroomlights. This biome is the least hostile to the player. If you want to try survival in Nether, then it is better to start in it.
  2. Crimson Forest. In many ways, it looks like a distorted one, but the nilium coating and mushroom trees here have a blood red color. On trees and rocks there is a new type of vegetation – weeping vines. In this biome, hoaglins, new hellish mobs in the form of large boars, are most often found.
  3. Soulsand Valley . Large open space, consisting mainly of sand and soul soil. High basalt columns are found everywhere, and sometimes huge remains of ancient creatures can also be found. A fire burning on the basis of souls will glow blue. Also, the soil can be used to craft new blue torches. The valleys are quite dangerous places, there are many hostile skeletons.

Now, in the Nether world, the Distorted Forest is most often found. By building a portal, you are likely to fall into this particular biome.

Netherite: better than diaomnods

New material now cant can be mined in the Nether. It will allow crafting items that are superior in quality to their diamond counterparts. First you need to find Ancient Shards in Hell that can be melted into non-mercury scrap using a furnace. After that, you need to combine scrap with gold bars to get non-mercury bars. From them you can make a full set of armor, a sword and all the tools. They are similar to diamond in strength, but all other characteristics are higher. In addition, such items do not burn in lava.

Mobs and blocks

All other innovations were added to fill in the biomes that appeared in the game. Separately, it is worth noting the luminous mushrooms that can be obtained and installed anywhere. They provide the highest possible level of lighting in Minecraft, the radius of which is 15 blocks. You can also meet hoglings, but so far they have no behavior. Infernal boars are neutral to the rest of the mobs and player and just walk through the Nether (mainly through the Crimson Forest).

Other snapshot features:

  • Gasta crying is now heard from a shorter distance;
  • ships and underwater ruins are now less commonly generated;
  • added a new team, / locatebiom, which helps to find out the coordinates of any biome in the game, including Nether;
  • patrols no longer spawn when a player is near a village;
  • fixed many bugs.



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