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Minecraft 1.15.2 released, Nether Update is following


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After two pre-releases, Minecraft 1.15.2 is released. Like the whole update as a whole, it is aimed at fixing bugs and optimizing. Also made minor changes to the behavior of some mobs. This is the latest version of Buzzy Bees, which means that in the coming weeks we can be shown the first snapshots of version 1.16, better known as Nether Update.

The list of changes in update 1.15.2:

  • now the extraction of the hive with a pickaxe enchanted at the “Silk Touch” does not aggro the nearest bees;
  • introduced new game rules “doPatrolSpawning” and “doTraderSpawning”, which are responsible for the inclusion of spawn patrols of looters and an itinerant merchant.
  • added the gui_light function, which allows rendering items in the inventory as a block or as a flat picture;
  • seedlings of thought and birch, planted at the same height with the flower and at a distance of no more than two blocks from it, now have a 2% chance of growing with a hive;
  • for birch forests and some other forest biomes, the spawn spawn chance has been added with a probability of 0.2%;
  • fixed bugs.

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