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Minor Changes in the Snapshot 20w19a


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In the new snapshots, one should not expect large-scale changes. According to the developers, they have already added everything that they wanted to implement in version 1.16, and now they will work on fixing bugs, optimization and game balance.

List of changes in 20w19a snapshot:

  • patches of blackstone and gravel are now found in all bioms of Nether, and veins of sand of the soul can be found in the Soulsand Valley;
  • added “distance by strider” to statistics;
  • villagers can now spawn iron golems regardless of their profession;
  • piglin bastions are now a bit less common;
  • lowered the amount that weeping and twisting vines grow when bonemealed;
  • shears required to collect Nether sprouts;
  • tweaked spawning of mobs to more closely adhere to mob caps;
  • fish now have their own mob category and mob cap;
  • biome distribution in the Nether has been tweaked.

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