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Snapshot 20w16a released: ruined portals and bastions ruins


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The new snapshot version 1.16 get several interesting innovations. Now, around the world, ruined Nether portals will be generated, which can be “repaired”. In addition, a new structure appeared in the Nether – the bastion ruins. Now in this dimension there will be even more places for research and getting loot.

Ruined portals are quite common (can be quickly found if you create a world with portal seed). These may include blocks of crying obsidian, which will have to be replaced with a regular one if you want to activate the portal. Around the portal, blocks from Nether are often generated. Chests with enchanted items and gold blocks are also very common. Portals are generated on the surface, in mines, in the Netherd and even under water (in the latter case, they cannot be activated).

Bastion ruins come in four forms: a treasury, a hoglin stable, a bridge, and housing units. They are mainly composed of black stones and cobblestones. You can find many chests inside, but when you try to collect loot, you will be attacked by Piglins.

Other snapshot changes:

  • chain added: a new block that can be attached to the ceiling and hang a lantern is often found inside bastions;
  • new music disc: Lena Rain – PigStep;
  • increased the amount of lava pools to make the basalt deltas more “deltary”
  • technical changes and bug fixes.

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