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20w13a Snapshot Released with a new Nether Mob


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The new snapshot turned out to be quite unexpected, because the developers did not announce the appearance of a new mob in Nether. The added creature has several interesting features, the most important of which is the ability to move on the lava. Also, a new block appeared in the game – Lodestone. It will facilitate orientation in space, which will be especially useful in the Nether World.

The new mob was called strider. It spawn only in the Nether and you can wear a saddle on it. However, as in the case of the pig, it will not work to control a saddled strider. But you can set the direction of movement by putting a warped fungi on a fishing rod and picking it up in your hands. Using the same fungi, you can breed striders. These mobs are passive to everyone and never attack the player.

Another interesting innovation is the Lodestone block. It is crafted from a netherite  ingot and eight chiseled stone bricks. After installing this block, you can click on it with the compass in your hands, after which the compass will become enchanted, and its arrow will always indicate the selected Lodestone. You can place a new block in any dimension. If desired, you can install several magnetites and make a compass for each of them.

Also, the game was made several other small, but interesting changes. Now it is possible to generate basalt: for this it is necessary that the lava flow over the soulsand and come in contact with blue ice. In addition, the behavior of the villagers was slightly changed. Now they put excess  seeds in the composter, and also use bone meal as fertilizer. If a villager has extra wheat, then he will share it with other farmers, which will allow more farmers to make bread.



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