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Snapshot 20w18a: Important Redstone Changes


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The snapshot released this week caused a rather mixed reaction among the players. It changed some redstone work principles, bringing them as close as possible to Bedrock Edition. Because of this, many existing mechanisms will cease to work in new versions, and they will need to be redone according to the new rules.

In 20w18a, redstone received the following changes:

  • A single redstone wire is now represented as a cross.
  • A wire on top of a block, which is redirected from below, will power the sides it is redirected to now. E.g. a fence gate above the redirecting wire will be powered.
  • Wires that redirect upwards to wires on non-conductive blocks used to only be redirected visually. Now this redirection applies to their behavior as well.
  • A wire that is redirected to go over a block will now always provide power to the block. This is most noticeable when the wire has signal strength 1.
  • The target block now conducts redstone signals.

In words, many changes may look confusing, so the developers provided a picture on which you can visually change all the innovations.


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