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Snapshot 22w44a: Spawners and Other Changes


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For the second week in a row, no new content has appeared in the snapshots, but in 22w44a, significant work has again been done on the convenience of the players. Once again, the inventory of the creative mode has been changed, work with spawners and spawn eggs has been improved.

Main changes in snapshot 22w44a:

  • many creative mode inventory tabs have been updated, command blocks have appeared in the redstone section;
  • now the spawner does not have a mob by default (it used to be a pig);
  • the player can determine the mob for the spawner himself (a tooltip is displayed when you hover over an empty spawner in the inventory);
  • added End Dragon, Wither, and Golemsspawn eggs, however the first two are only available through the team to prevent the player from accidentally destroying their buildings;
  • added footstep sounds for many surfaces.

In addition, several new rules have been added to the game that can be changed via the command line, and many bugs have been fixed.


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