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Spectator Mode added to Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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Update 1.19.50 has been released for the Bedrock version, the main feature of which is a full-fledged observer mode. This feature has long been implemented in the Java Edition, but will now be available to players on phones and consoles. This update also adds many other changes to the game, including experimental features from the next major update.

Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.50:

  • Added spectator mode. As in the Java Edition, it will allow you to move around the world without obstacles and makes the player invisible. You can not lift or use objects, as well as interact with the world in any way. Can be enabled via world settings or command line.
  • Several new touch control options have been added. Players can switch between them at their discretion.
  • Added 7 new official skins.
  • The model of the Vex has been changed. He now looks more like Allay and has a larger hitbox.
  • Added experimental features from version 1.20 (camels, bamboo blocks and more). You can read more about these changes in this news.

A large number of bugs have also been fixed, including those related to touchscreen controls.


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