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Майнкрафт 1.19.3 Released


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Minecraft 1.19.3 is finally available today. It was supposed to appear a day earlier, but the developers found new bugs that caused slight delays. Starting with this version, Mojang is slightly changing the approach to releasing new versions. Now the innovations for major updates will be part of the built-in experimental data packs.

  • redesigned creative mode inventory, now blocks and items are sorted more logically and clearly;
  • improved search in creative mode inventory;
  • in the settings, it became possible to change the panorama scrolling speed;
  • slightly changed the generation of underground fortresses;
  • removed chat preview function;
  • added 7 new official skins, they can be selected in the launcher for offline and online games;
  • a new model for the Vex, the size of the hitbox of this mob has also been slightly increased, so it will now be easier to hit him;
  • added bamboo block: crafted from 9 bamboo units;
  • added peeled bamboo block;
  • the player can determine the mob for the spawner himself (a tooltip is displayed when you hover over an empty spawner in the inventory);
  • added End Dragon, Wither, and Golemsspawn eggs, however the first two are only available through the team to prevent the player from accidentally destroying their buildings;
  • changes in the creative mode menu (for example, axes are added to the weapons tab, but remain on the tools tab).

Also, when creating a world, the player can activate the following experimental features from version 1.20:


  • can be found in desert villages;
  • high growth helps them overcome fences;
  • can walk slowly or run very fast;
  • two players can sit on one camel at once, while the second player can use a weapon;
  • zombies will not be able to attack players on a camel;
  • sometimes camels sit down, after which it is very difficult to convince them to set off again;
  • Camels need to be fed cactus to breed.

Bamboo planks:

  • crafted from four pieces of bamboo;
  • you can craft the same items and blocks as from wood (but instead of a boat there will be a raft);
  • you can also create a bamboo mosaic.

Hanging signs:

  • crafted from 6 boards and two chains (the output is 6 tablets);
  • hung in the same way as lanterns, can be hung to each other.

Carved bookshelf:

  • the recipe uses 6 planks and 3 wood plates;
  • you can put ordinary or enchanted books, as well as a book with a feather;
  • when used, gives a redstone signal, can be used in various circuits and mechanisms.

re-added pouches that appeared in Caves & Cliffs snapshots;


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