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Changes to the start menu in snapshot 22w05a


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This week, another snapshot of version 1.19.4 has been released, and in it players can evaluate the new look of the world creation screen. There were also changes to the armor customization that became available in the previous snapshot.

Key changes in snapshot 22w05a:

The interface for creating a new world has been redesigned:

  • now the interface is divided into three tabs;
  • on the first tab, you can set the name, mode, and difficulty;
  • on the second – choose the type of the world, set the seed, and set up the generation of structures;
  • on the third – to set the game rules and connect the datapacks.

Armor customization changes:

  • now leather armor can also be customized;
  • armor can now be customized using the same materials it is made of;
  • increased the drop rate of some types of templates.

Many technical changes have also been made. For example, the effect command has been added. You can now specify infinite as the effect duration parameter. In this case, the effect will remain on the player permanently, and instead of a countdown, an infinity icon (∞) will be displayed.


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