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Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update released!


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As the developers promised, today the release version of Minecraft 1.16 is now available! The global update of the Nether World is now in the official version.

Snapshots of version 1.16 began to be released back in February, gradually 4 new biomes, many blocks, structures and mobs were added to the game. The main goal of this update is to turn Nether into a really interesting dimension in which you can fully survive for a long time. To do this, merchants, food sources were added here and the opportunity to respawn without returning to the upper world. In addition, the players have a new incentive to explore this hellish place, because now you can find Netherit, which will craft items that are superior in quality to diamond.

Changes affected the menu of creating the world. Now players will have much more choice for finer tuning, as well as the ability to import and export ready-made parameters. Of course, there are still several weeks of bug fixes ahead, but you can start researching the completely changed Nether now!


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