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The first 1.16 Pre-Releases are Now Available


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Now you can download the first Minecraft 1.16 pre-releases, which means that in the near future a full Nether Update will be released. In the latest update, emphasis was placed on many technical nuances, a new level of graphics quality was added, and work with datapacks was improved. Also, pre-release 2 was released soon, fixing errors, leading to random game crashes.

Entering the graphics settings, you can see a new quality option called “Fabulous”. Its difference is better mixing of transparent layers due to pixel-by-pixel processing.

Good news for datapack users and creators: now they can be added to the world right at the time of creation. You can open the settings page, which looks like a page with resource packs. This feature will be especially useful for datapacks that generate structures. In addition, when copying the world, its datepacks will also be copied.

Other changes in Minecraft 1.16 pre-release 1:

  • in creative mode, you can now milk cows, as well as get mushroom soup from mushroom cows, as well as draw water into a bucket;
  • residents turned to witches due to lightning strikes will no longer be displaced;
  • added a new rule – universalAnger; if it is active, the angered  mobs will attack all players in the radius, and not only the one who attacked them;
  • added the rule forgiveDeadPlayers, which determines whether the mobs will lose aggression towards the player after his death;
  • now you can create custom recipes for the blacksmith table and add them to datapacks. To do this, you need to set the type of recipe to “smithing”.

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