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Minor changes in Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 3


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The third pre-release Minecraft 1.16 has been released, which means that only a few weeks are left before a full update. The developers are no longer making any significant changes, mainly the changes relate to the game balance, as well as improvements to the interface.

Full list of changes in Minecraft 1.16 pre-release 3:

  • Nether fortresses are now generated more often;
  • you can put food on an unlit campfire;
  • visibility under lava is now slightly better when under the effect of fire resistance;
  • piglins now hear you break a chest or block of gold (or similar) even if your are our of line of sight, and will assume you are stealing
  • Added the ability to restore the save that was “broken” by the first pre-release;
  • game rule descriptions now span multiple lines if needed on the game rules screen
  • loading screen is now displayed while the game is reading world data for loading, creating or re-creating a world;
  • many minor bugs fixed.


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