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Snapshot 23w46a Released


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Minecraft enthusiasts are in for a treat with the release of Snapshot 23w46a, which brings several redstonefocused changes and introduces exciting features. Mojang is actively fine-tuning the tick delay behavior of the crafter and the copper bulb, both of which are still in experimental development.

Changes to Look Out For:

Updated Crafter Textures: Expect a visual refresh for the crafter, aligning it more closely with the aesthetic improvements in this snapshot.

Technical Changes:

Data Pack Version 25: The data pack version has been incremented, suggesting improvements and optimizations behind the scenes.

Data Pack Version 25 Features:

Added Individual Display Names for Scoreboard Entries: One of the standout features of this snapshot is the ability to assign custom display names to each entry in a scoreboard. This brings a new level of personalization to the gaming experience.

Scoreboard Subcommands for Managing Display Names:

scoreboard players display name <targets> <objective> <text component> Set display name

scoreboard players display name <targets> <objective> Clear display name

To simplify display name management, objectives can now be configured to autoupdate display names on every score update. This option, although disabled by default, provides convenience for players who want a hasslefree experience.




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