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Snapshot 23w45a Released Featuring Trial Chambers


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A new snapshot has been released, offering players a sneak peek into thrilling subterranean escapades with the introduction of Trial Chambers. This is another experimental feature from Minecraft 1.20.1.

What are Trial Chambers?

Trial Chambers are the latest addition to the Minecraft experience, strategically hidden medium-deep below the surface of the Overworld. These chambers provide challenging moments of combat and exploration, promising a fresh and exciting dimension to your mining adventures.

What’s Inside the Chambers?

Get ready to encounter new decorative and lighting blocks that will transform the underground landscape. The spotlight, however, is on the Trial Spawners, delivering a unique style of multi-mob fights. Brace yourself for the chaos introduced by the bushy-browed Breeze, a new mob specifically designed for Trial Chambers.

Meet the Breeze Mob:

The Breeze is a cunning and hostile adversary, spawning via Trial Spawner in select rooms within the Trial Chambers. This agile mob leaps around its target, shooting volatile wind energy in the form of wind charge projectiles. These projectiles not only deal damage upon collision but also produce a wind burst that knocks back entities in the area, activating certain blocks in the process.

Trial Spawner:

A game-changer in the snapshot, Trial Spawner is a new variant of Monster Spawners. Not only does it spawn mobs, but it also ejects rewards upon completion. The challenge level increases for each new player nearby, providing a dynamic and engaging multiplayer experience. The spawner’s cooldown ensures that the challenge level doesn’t decrease until reset.

Trial Chambers Exploration:

Players can now explore Trial Chambers during the mid-game, encountering procedurally generated layouts with traps, reward chests, and various combat spaces. The chambers, constructed from a mix of Copper and Tuff blocks, can be found throughout the Deepslate layer of the underground.

What to Expect

Each Trial Chamber includes Trial Spawners with melee, small melee, or ranged categories, introducing a variety of mobs to battle. The loot found in reward chests, guarded by challenges in each room, is still being iterated upon, promising high-level enchanted books and equipment.



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