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Snapshot 23w43a: New Items and Bat Changes


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Like last week’s update, the 23w43a snapshot was once again quite eventful. In addition to the experimental features from 1.21, there were some titillating updates for 1.20.3.

Experimental Features

Copper Family

One of the standout features in this snapshot is the expansion of the Copper family of blocks. Players can now enjoy crafting the following new copper-based items:

  • Chiseled Copper: This can be crafted using two Cut Copper Slabs of a shared oxidation level and is available for crafting in the Stonecutter.
  • Copper Grate: A unique decorative block within the Copper family, which allows light to pass through it. Crafted with four Copper Blocks of a shared oxidation level, this block can be used in various creative ways.
  • Copper Bulb: A light-emitting block with the ability to toggle its light emission through redstone pulses. It also undergoes oxidation and emits less light as it ages. Players can craft Copper Bulbs with copper blocks, a Blaze Rod, and Redstone Dust.
  • Copper Door and Trapdoor: Copper variants of doors and trapdoors that can oxidize over time and be waxed. They function similarly to wooden doors, allowing interaction and operation with redstone.

Tuff Family

In this snapshot, the Tuff family of blocks has been expanded to include stairs, slabs, walls, and chiseled variants. You can also find Tuff Bricks with corresponding stair, slab, wall, and chiseled variants. Additionally, polished Tuff now boasts stair, slab, and wall variants.


One of the visual highlights in this snapshot is the makeover of one of Minecraft’s iconic creatures.

Bat Makeover

The bat in Minecraft has received a significant update, including a new model, animations, and textures. This change brings more life and character to these tiny nocturnal creatures and enhances the overall ambiance of the game.

Other Changes

  • Thrown Ender Pearls now produce a teleportation sound upon impact, providing a more immersive experience when using these mystical items.
  • Small tweaks have been made to the Telemetry Data Collection screen to enhance the player experience.

With these exciting experimental features and changes, this snapshot offers a fresh and intriguing Minecraft experience for players. As the autumn season descends and Halloween approaches, the new blocks, and the updated bat model are sure to set the mood for some spooky adventures in the world of Minecraft. So, gather your resources, experiment with copper, and embark on your next building project or adventure!

Remember, snapshots are experimental, so make sure to back up your worlds before testing these new features. Enjoy the updated snapshot and have a great time crafting and exploring in Minecraft! Happy crafting, everyone!



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