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New Logo and Background in Snapshot 23w14a


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Snapshot 23w14a contains no new content for the game, but still received a few notable changes. Preparations for the transition to version 1.20 continue, including fixing a lot of bugs related to new mobs and blocks.

Key changes in snapshot 23w14a:

  • new logo for Minecraft Java Edition;
  • new panorama on the background of the main menu;
  • in the new room of the desert temple, the ceiling collapsed even more, and now one block of suspicious sand is always visible here;
  • sculk shrieker no longer “screams” when flooded with water;
  • changed the default signal output for the sculk sensor;
  • sculk sensor now powers the block it was placed on;
  • calibrated sculk sensor cooldown reduced to 1 second;
  • calibrated sculk sensor now accepts vibrations in a radius of 8 blocks instead of 16.

The ability to “quick start” the game has also been added. You can add one of three options in the launch arguments, which will allow you to immediately enter the selected local world or server after launching Minecraft.

  • –quickPlaySingleplayer “[World Name]” – plays the map with the specified name
  • –quickPlayMultiplayer “[Server Address]” – connects to the specified server
  • –quickPlayRealms “[Realms world name]” – enters the specified Realm

Accordingly, the server and port arguments have been removed, as they are now fully replaced by quickPlayMultiplayer.


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