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Snapshot 22w14a Released with new Biome and Compass


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This week, players received another snapshot with interesting content. This time the game has a new biome, some items, as well as new game mechanics.

Key changes in snapshot 22w14a:

  • mangrove trees appeared in the game, which can be grown both on land and in water;
  • mangrove trees are the basis for a new biome – mangrove swamps;
  • mangrove swamps are generated near warm and humid biomes;
  • in swamps, you can find a lot of dirt blocks added in the past biome;
  • white frogs spawn in this biome.

A new mechanic has been added to the game that makes dirt blocks more useful. If they are placed under stalagmites, then over time these blocks will turn into clay, which will allow you to create them in large quantities.

Also, the player can now craft a new item: Recovery Compass. It will always point to the place of the last death. If the player didn’t die, or is in a different dimension than they previously died, the arrow will spin randomly. Crafting such a compass will not be easy, for this, you need to find eight “Echo Shards”. This is another new item that is only generated in Ancient Cities.


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