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Boats with Chests in Snapshot 22w12a


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Another snapshot of version 1.19 has been released with large-scale changes. It added Warden, who was previously shown in the experimental snapshot and also carried over many other changes related to the sculk sensor. In addition, a boat with a chest was added for the first time.

You can read about the changes related to Warden and sculk blocks in the news about the experimental snapshot. The Darkness debuff and the Swift Sneak enchantment have also been added.

A boat with a chest has the following features:

  • while in the tray, the player needs to open their inventory to access the contents of the chest;
  • while outside the boat, you need to right-click on it while holding Shift to open the chest;
  • if you break such a boat, then the chest will also break and all the contents will fall out;
  • the boat interacts with funnels and distributors;
  • breaking a boat with a chest will provoke piglins like breaking a normal chest.

Numerous bugs related to the content added in the last snapshot have also been fixed.



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