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Snapshot 22w11a with Frogs is out!


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The first official snapshot of version 1.19 was released today, and frogs are its main innovation! It also adds the Deep Dark biome and other features that will form the basis for adding Warden to the game. Much of this was previously added in an experimental snapshot, but is now available as a quick download through the launcher.

The main innovations of snapshot 22w11a:

New mob – frog:

  • can jump on the surface and swim in the water;
  • make characteristic croaking sounds;
  • can eat slimes and magma cubes;
  • eating a magma cube will drop a special glowing block – Froglight (unique for each type of frog);
  • toads are born as tadpoles;
  • tadpoles can swim in the water, die on the surface after some time;
  • when growing up, they turn into a frog, while the final appearance depends on the biome;
  • tadpoles can be carried in a bucket.

New Plants – Mangroves:

  • the game has a new type of wood – mangroves;
  • you can craft all the usual wooden objects;
  • have unique leaves and sprouts;
  • there are no mangroves and biomes in the game currently, they will be added to the game later.

New Block – Mud:

  • the basis for the future swamp biome;
  • when walking on it, the player will fall slightly, but not slow down;
  • mud can be created by applying a bottle of water to a block of dirt;
  • mud can be made into bricks, which are used to create steps and semi-blocks.

Deep Dark and Sculk Blocks:

  • at great depths, the Deep Dark biome is generated;
  • no mobs will spawn in the new biome;
  • in the future, new structures will appear here;
  • Various sculk blocks and sensors have been added that will be used to summon Warden in the future.

Technical changes:

  • added sound option for 3D Directional Audio simulation;
  • updated version of datapacks and resourcepacks;
  • added 3D biome blending, now underground biomes will blend more smoothly with ground biomes.

Also, the developers have made many other minor changes for a more comfortable game.


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