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The First Snapshot of Version 1.19 released, Warden Included


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Today, the first Wild Update snapshot became available, in which the developers showed a new underground biome and a long-awaited mob. This update is experimental and may contain many bugs. It is not available for download directly from the launcher, it must be installed manually.

The 1.19 experimental snapshot contains the following updates:

New Underground Biome –  Deep Dark:

  • generated at great depth;
  • covered with sculk;
  • almost no mobs spawn here.

New Structure – Ancient City:

  • generated only in the Deep Dark biome;
  • looks like gloomy ruins;
  • here you can find chests with valuable loot, including those with new unique enchantment.

New mob – Warden:

  • lives in the Deep Dark biome;
  • does not see the player, is guided only by signals from skalk-blocks and smell;
  • even if you can’t see Warden, don’t make a noise when you’re in deep darkness, they can appear instantly;
  • the more vibrations Warden hears, the more aggressive he becomes;
  • if within a minute Wardencannot finds the player, he burrows underground.

New enchantment – Swift Sneak:

  • allows you to sneak without slowing down;
  • can only be applied to boots;
  • the only source is chests in Ancient Cities.

New block – reinforced deepslate:

  • does not generate anywhere except chests in Ancient cities;
  • has a higher strength than obsidian.

Many blocks related to Varden have also been added.

To install an experimental snapshot of a snapshot, you need to download the file and place it and unzip its contents into the Versions folder. After that, the snapshot will appear in the list of versions in the launcher.

Download experimental snapshot 1.19:


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