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Performance Improvements in Snapshot 21w38a


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This week the main changes in the snapshot are devoted to optimization. Also, the generation of some ores has been slightly changed. The developers did not show any new content this week.

List of snapshot 21w38a changes:

  • Copper ore is now generated more often and can reach a height of 95;
  • Lapis lazuli can now also be generated in clusters, like other ores;
  • added a setting for the simulation distance, which allows you to set the distance at which the state of entities is considered;
  • the number of possible background threads has been increased, which should improve performance on modern PCs;
  • strongholds are generated again (in the last snapshot they did not appear due to an error).

Work on the simulation distance is ongoing, and it will also affect the ticks of blocks and fluids in the future.





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