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The Second Experimental Snapshot 1.18 is Available


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The new version is still unstable, but the generation has become more natural. The developers have made some progress in combining different biomes. As in the case of the first snapshot, it is not yet possible to download it directly from the launcher. They will appear there in about a month.

The snapshot received the following changes:

  • improved biome boundaries;
  • the game now has fewer miniature biomes;
  • the average size of biomes has increased, they will now less often overlap with each other;
  • underground biomes are less likely to surface;
  • improved entrances to large caves;
  • default cloud height changed to 192;
  • sheep will now spawn on meadow mountains;
  • rabbits spawn less often, and donkeys more often;
  • Large ore veins are now generated more often;
  • fixed many generation bugs, for example, added biomes that were not generated due to an error.

To test the changes, you need an official launcher and a licensed version of the game. To install, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the archive (it is attached to this news).
  2. Unpack its contents into the versions folder, which is located in the .minecraft folder.
  3. Create a new launch configuration with experimental snapshot 1.18 as the version.
  4. Start the game, the necessary files will be rolled automatically.

The developers will be happy to hear feedback and critical bug reports, this will help to release the second part of the mining update faster and improve it.


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