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Axolotl in Snapshot 20w51a


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This week the snapshot has pleased us with the addition of a cute new mob with some brand new features. In 20w51a, the developers showed axolotls, which can be fed with tropical fish, carried in a bucket and used to fight some mobs.

The main features of axolotls:

  • can have five colors: pink, white, yellow, brown and a very rare blue tint;
  • these are the first amphibians in Minecraft that can live both in water and on land;
  • if the axolotl is out of the water for more than five minutes, then it begins to receive periodic damage;
  • during the rain they can stay on land as long as they like;
  • they are easy to catch with a bucket and release them anywhere;
  • at the moment they breed if you feed them with tropical fish, but in the future this may change;
  • they can not be fully tamed, but if you feed them with tropical fish, they will help in battles with drowned and underwater guardians;
  • while in water, axolotls will attack neutral mobs such as squids;
  • if the player attacks the same mob as the axolotl, or defends it from someone, then in gratitude he will receive a regeneration effect;
  • axolotls can pretend to be dead when they are damaged by hostile mobs.

Axolotls are not generating naturally at this snapshot. They can be spawned using a command or a spawn egg in creative mode.

Also, changes were made to the game related to the operation of the sculc-sensor. For example, the frequency that some actions generate has been changed.

Another subtle, but important change is related to the addition of a new game rule that can be changed using the command

/gamerule playersSleepingPercentage X

Instead of X, you need to specify a number from 1 to 100. It will set the percentage of the players on the server that should go to bed to skip night or a thunderstorm. Previously, this was only possible with mods or plugins.


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