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Powder Snow was added in Snapshot 20w46a


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Latest snapshot is not as rich in new features as the previous one. It showed only one new block. But it is also interesting with other changes, including improved textures for new items.

Powder snow features:

  • mobs drown in it and get a slowing effect;
  • the effect of freezing is also applying, with new effects on the screen and a gradual HP decrease;
  • burning mobs go out when submerged;
  • you can walk without falling through if you put on leather boots;
  • a full set of leather armor protects against freezing;
  • when mined, the block breaks, it can be mined and placed only with a bucket;
  • The easiest way to get powder snow is to put an empty cauldron under the open sky during a snowfall.

Innovations for the previously added items:

  • a copper block is now crafted from four ingots instead of nine;
  • the radius of the lightning rod is doubled and now it protects 32 blocks around;
  • changed the effect when looking through a spyglass (square with copper frames instead of a circle);
  • candles, bundles, amethyst and some other items got improved textures.

Among other changes, it is worth noting the replacement of the “/replaceitem” command with “/item replace”. Also many bugs were fixed and some technical changes were made.


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  • is nice the new uptade the 1.17 yes?

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