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Snapshot 20w45a Released featuring First Content of v. 1.17


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New blocks from the Caves & Cliffs update can be learned in game now. The first snapshot of Minecraft 1.17 has a new ore, as well as several blocks and items. World generation has not changed, so the mountains and caves remain almost unchanged for now. No new mobs have been added either, unlike the beta version of the Bedrock Edition.

The snapshot 20w45w features:

  • copper ore and items made from it;
  • amethyst;
  • tinted glass;
  • item bundles;
  • colored candles;
  • lightning rod;
  • cauldron with lava;
  • working spyglass.

Copper ore

New ore can be found close to the surface and is generated at about the same frequency as coal or iron. After mining blocks with ore, smelt them in the furnace to get ingots. Nine ingots are combined into a block, armor and weapons cannot be crafted from them.

The placed block will gradually oxidize, acquiring a recognizable greenish color. There are four stages of oxidation, each of which requires 50 to 82 in-game days. At any stage, the copper block can be waxed to stop oxidation and leave it in its current state forever.

Stairs or slabs can be cut from copper blocks. They also oxidize.

Amethyst in the caves

There are now small locations in the caves called amethyst geodes. They are made up of new purple blocks that not only look great, but also make very beautiful sounds with any interaction.

A regular amethyst block can be obtained with any pickaxe or crafted from four shards. Budding amethyst is also found in geodes, from which crystals gradually grow. Such a block cannot be obtained in any way, not even with a “Silk Touch” pick. When destroyed, fragments fall out of it.

New items

The following items added in the snapshot 20w45w:

  • Candle. Crafted from wax and thread. Up to four candles can be placed on one block (like sea cucumbers). They are set on fire with a flint and can be extinguished. You can place candles on the cake and wish your friends a happy birthday!
  • A lava cauldron. Now the pots can be filled not only with water, but also with lava. In this case, it will emit a redstone signal equal to 1.
  • Lightning rod. It will help protect an area within a radius of 16 blocks from lightning strikes. Crafted from three copper ingots. When lightning strikes, it transmits a redstone signal.
  • Spyglass. Gives a strong zoom effect, but significantly reduces the field of view. Crafting requires copper ingots and amethyst shards. Also added to the game is a special animation for a third person view.
  • Item Bundles. Allows you to combine stacks of different items in one cell. The maximum number remains the same – 64. For example, you can combine 32 diamonds and 32 emeralds in a bag. You cannot combine non-stackable items.
  • Tinted glass. Transparent block that does not transmit light. Made of Glass Block and 4 Amethyst Shards. Can be mined with any tool, even without using the Silk Touch.

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