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Minecraft 1.20.2 Released


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Minecraft version 1.20.2 is now available for Java Edition. The update contains improved diamond ore generation, modified mob attack distances, optimized network play, and new tools for map creators. It also improves the reporting tool for players and introduces an experiment to rebalance trade with residents.


  1. More Diamond Ore: Expect more diamond ores in the deep regions of the Overworld.
  2. Mob Attack Reach Adjusted: There have been changes to how mobs attack players and other entities.
  3. Networking Optimizations: Experience smoother online gameplay, even with low-bandwidth connections.
  4. Tools for Map Makers: New features like macro functions, random command, and pack overlays have been introduced.
  5. Player Reporting Tool Enhanced: Players can now report skins and usernames that breach the Community Standards. Violations could lead to bans or necessary changes before online play.
  6. Villager Trade Rebalance Experiment: This optional feature can be toggled, introducing changes to villager trades.

Notable Changes:

  • Diamond Ore generation frequency has increased in Deepslate layers.
  • Networked play optimizations for better multiplayer experience.
  • Zombie Villager curing has been modified; big discounts are now only given once.
  • Sponges and Wet Sponges now have custom sounds.
  • Barrier blocks can now be waterlogged in Creative mode.
  • The “Narrator Hotkey” accessibility option has been added.
  • A new “I want to report them” Player Reporting category is available.
  • Herobrine has been removed (as always).

Technical Updates:

  • Resource and data pack versions have been updated to 18.
  • Command history is now saved across worlds.
  • Networking has seen significant optimizations.
  • Support for multi-version packs has been added.

Villager Trade Rebalance:

  • Librarians, Cartographers, Wandering Traders, and Armorers have seen changes in their trades.
  • Some enchantments are now exclusive to certain village biomes.
  • New explorer maps have been introduced.
  • Wandering Traders now have better stock and can buy items from players.

This release promises to enhance gameplay, offer more customization, and ensure a safer online environment for players. For a detailed breakdown of all the changes and updates, users are encouraged to visit the official Minecraft website.



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