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Minecraft 1.20.2 Pre-release 1 Introduces Exciting Changes and Experiments


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Minecraft players, get ready for some exciting updates with the release of Minecraft 1.20.2 Pre-release 1. This pre-release brings some notable changes to the game’s Recipe Book search, structure icons on explorer maps, and most importantly, introduces new experimental features related to Villager trades. Let’s dive into the details of these changes and experiments.

Recipe Book Search Improvements:

One of the standout changes in this pre-release is the update to the Recipe Book search functionality. The changes are as follows:

  1. Improved Search Matching: The Recipe Book search now only matches the beginning of any word in an item’s name. For instance, searching for “tor” will still display results like “Torch” and “Redstone Torch,” but it will no longer show “Daylight Detector.”
  2. Displaying Unlocked Recipes: All recipes, including those that have not been unlocked yet, will now appear in search results. This change is aimed at helping experienced players quickly find the recipes they need, even if they haven’t unlocked them, without overwhelming newer players.

Updated Structure Icons on Explorer Maps:

Additionally, this update includes enhanced structure icons on explorer maps sold by Cartographers. This change should make it easier for players to locate various structures within the game world, enhancing the overall exploration experience.

Experimental Features: Villager Trade Rebalance Part 2:

One of the most significant additions in this pre-release is the continuation of the Villager Trade Rebalance experiment. This experiment does not impact normal worlds and must be manually enabled by toggling the feature in the Experiments Menu when creating a new world.

The goal of this experiment is to rebalance the villager trade system to ensure fairness and enjoyment for all players. These changes are not yet finalized and will remain as experimental features while Mojang continues to refine them. The development team values player feedback on these changes, and players are encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions.

Cartographer Expands Offerings:

Cartographers in the game have received a substantial update. Previously, they only sold maps to the Ocean Monument and Woodland Mansion. However, in this experiment, Cartographers can now sell seven new maps, each pointing to a different village or structure, making it easier for players to find various biomes and locations quickly.

Different Cartographers from various biomes will offer different selections of maps. This addition will help players efficiently explore the Minecraft world and discover new villages and biomes without relying solely on chance encounters.

The seven new maps introduced are:

  • Desert Village Map
  • Jungle Explorer Map
  • Plains Village Map
  • Savanna Village Map
  • Snow Village Map
  • Swamp Explorer Map
  • Taiga Village Map

Armorer Changes:

The Armorer’s trades have undergone significant adjustments. Notably, players will now need to pay a small amount of Diamonds, in addition to Emeralds, when purchasing diamond armor. This change is intended to make diamond armor trades less accessible for early-game players, while still providing a significant advantage to advanced players who have invested time in collecting Diamonds.

Other changes to Armorers include their willingness to buy Iron Blocks at attractive prices, the exclusive sale of chainmail armor by the secret Jungle and Swamp Armorers, and the Taiga Armorer’s ability to swap one piece of diamond armor for another.

Minecraft 1.20.2 Pre-release 1 brings a host of exciting changes and experiments, enhancing gameplay and trade dynamics. Players are encouraged to explore these new features and provide feedback to shape the future of Minecraft. Happy crafting!



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