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The First Snapshot of Version 1.20.2 Released


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Quite unexpectedly, a snapshot of the next sub-version of the Trails & Tales update was presented. And it contains not only bug fixes but also a lot of gameplay changes. Including several experimental innovations.

One of the most intriguing changes concerns traders rework. Traveling Traders and Librarians have been changed:

  • enchantments sold by librarians are no longer random;
  • each type of village now sells unique types of enchantments;
  • there is also one powerful enchantment for each biome, available only at the maximum level of the merchant;
  • prices for goods of wandering merchants have been reduced, and their quantity has been increased;
  • Traveling merchants now also buy some items (like a water bottle or a baked potato);
  • Traveling merchants have added new items to their inventory, such as enchanted pickaxes and invisibility potions.

All these changes are still in test mode, they need to be enabled manually in the experimental features.

Another important change was the update of the generation of diamond deposits. Now at great depths, there will be much more of them. This is to reward the risk of players who prefer to dig very deep.

In addition, many commands have been changed once again and the possibilities for creating data packs and custom maps have been expanded.



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