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New Music and Achievements in Snapshot 23w17a


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In the new snapshot, the required attributes of each update were added: achievements, background music, and a new record for the player. The characteristics of the sculk-sensor have also been updated, as well as other technical changes.

Snapshot 23w17a has 4 new background melodies at once. They will play in the Vincent Grove, Desert, Jungle, Wasteland, and Flower Forest biomes. A new music disc can be found in the structure of the ancient ruins when clearing suspicious blocks. Also, the following achievements appeared in the game:

  • Smells interesting – Get the Sniffer’s Egg
  • Little sniffs – feed the sniffer
  • Planting the past – plant the seeds found by the sniffer
  • Respecting the remnants – Clear the spy block to find pottery sherds
  • Careful restoration – create a decorative item from four sherds
  • Crafting a new look – create trimmed armor
  • Smithing with style – apply such armor styles as Spire, Snout, Rib, Ward, Silence, Vex, Tide, Wayfinde

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