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Snapshot 23w16a Released


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The next snapshot of version 1.20 contains numerous changes for new content. 23w16a paid a lot of attention to the trail ruins, as they received the most criticism after the first Wild Update snapshots.

Key changes in snapshot 23w16a:

  • Pottery Shards were renamed to Pottery Sherds (clay shards);
  • fixed the performance of sculk sensors, which will prevent incorrect work in distant chunks;
  • sniffers can be lured with torch seeds;
  • several console commands have been changed.

Also, the new structure of the trail ruins received significant changes. The edits were made based on player feedback.

  • added more options for generating structure;
  • sand blocks are no longer generated inside, for other blocks, the loot ratio has been changed;
  • reworked drop rates for different types of loot.

Due to significant changes, worlds from previous snapshots may load on the new version with generation errors.


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