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datLax’ OnlyWater


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DatLax ‘OnlyWater shaders are suitable for players who want to make Minecraft water more realistic without changing the rest of the blocks. This is a simple, but very well-developed modification.

If the original graphics in Minecraft suit you, then these shaders are the best choice. They transform water, making it as realistic as possible. Qualitatively drawn waves will appear, and on the surface you can see detailed reflections and solar flares. Since no blocks other than water are affected, the datLax ‘OnlyWater shader has virtually no effect on performance.

How to install datLax’ OnlyWater shaders

  1. Make sure you have Optifine installed and working correctly.
  2. If you are playing with the Fabric loader, then use Iris Shaders.
  3. Download the shaders and leave it archived.
  4. Launch Minecraft, then go to Video Settings.
  5. In the ‘Shaders’ section, select ‘Shaders Folder’. The ‘shaderpacks’ folder will open, copy the shaders file there.
  6. After copying, the shader will appear in the list. Click it to choose.
  7. Start a new game or load an old one. Shaders will work in all saves.

Download shaders for Minecraft


Download datLax' OnlyWater [11.24 Kb](Downloads: 1001)


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