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Snapshot 24w10a Features New Wolf Variants


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Mojang has released an update for Minecraft fans, 24w10a, which brings a number of interesting features including new wolf variants, datapack improvements, and a host of bug fixes. Of course, the most interesting part was the new colors for one of the most popular mobs.

New wolf variants:

Minecraft players will now be able to encounter a wide variety of wolves thanks to the introduction of new varieties, each uniquely adapted to specific biomes. The biome in which wolves spawn will determine their species, offering a rich and immersive experience for players exploring different regions of the game.

  • Pale Wolf: The familiar Wolf variant has found a new home in the Taiga biome, appearing in default packs of 4.
  • Woods Wolf: Dominating the Forest biome, this variant is set to become a common sight in the Overworld due to the prevalence of the Forest biome.
  • Ashen Wolf: Roaming the Snowy Taiga biome, players can now encounter this distinctive Wolf variant.
  • Black Wolf: Inhabiting the Old Growth Pine Taiga biome, these Wolves prefer smaller packs of 2 to 4.
  • Chestnut Wolf: Thriving in the Old Growth Spruce Taiga biome, this variant also prefers smaller packs of 2 to 4.
  • Rusty Wolf: A new territory for Wolves – the Sparse Jungle biome – hosts this variant in smaller packs of 2 to 4.
  • Spotted Wolf: Venturing into the Savanna Plateau biome, this variant roams in larger packs of 4 to 8.
  • Striped Wolf: Conquering the Wooded Badlands biome, these Wolves appear in larger packs of 4 to 8.
  • Snowy Wolf: A rare type found in the Grove biome, these solitary Wolves always walk alone, adding an element of mystery to encounters.

In addition to the introduction of these exciting Wolf variants, Mojang has adjusted spawning conditions for Wolves, allowing them to appear on Coarse Dirt and Podzol blocks, expanding the possibilities for players to encounter these creatures in diverse settings.



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