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Snapshot 24w09a: UI Overhaul and Other Changes


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In a notable development for Minecraft enthusiasts, Mojang has unveiled Snapshot 24w09a, a slightly larger-than-usual update packed with technical changes, a refreshed user interface (UI), and significant improvements to the experimental Wolf Armor feature.

Revamped Wolf Armor

Since its initial introduction, the Wolf Armor has undergone extensive enhancements aimed at improving its protection, usability, and customization. The new approach to armor takes into account players’ need for quick visibility regarding the armor’s state, allowing them to respond promptly to protect their loyal wolf companions. Players are encouraged to test and provide feedback on these changes through the dedicated feedback site, fostering an open dialogue on the evolving Wolf Armor mechanics.

Experimental Features

Snapshot 24w09a introduces several experimental features, including updates to the Bogged, Wind Charge, and Vault elements. Notably, the Bogged now drops two mushrooms (either both red or brown or a mix) when sheared, and its texture and model have received a facelift. Wind Charge adjustments remove randomness from both Breeze- and player-shot variations. The Vault’s texture has been further refined for better differentiation from Trial Spawners.

Changes to Wolf Armor

The core changes to Wolf Armor in this snapshot include its protective capabilities against various damage sources until its durability is depleted. The armor now visually displays signs of wear as durability decreases, providing players with a clear indicator of its state. Additionally, Armadillo Scutes can be used to repair Wolf Armor while it is equipped on the wolf, and customization options are expanded as players can now dye the armor similarly to Leather Armor. Owners can also perform repairs directly on their wolf’s armor.

UI Overhaul

Snapshot 24w09a brings a fresh and updated look to the in-game UI, offering a more consistent layout for different UI elements while retaining the essence of the older screens. The revamped UI



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