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Increased World Height and New Caves in Snapshot 21w06a


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This week’s updates were in preparation for the “cave” part of version 1.17. The underworld has received significant changes: new caves have been added, the maximum depth has been increased. Many innovations are experimental or temporary and will be heavily changed in the next snapshots.

The most important change is the increasing of the height of the world. It has been expanded by 64 blocks up and down and now the total height available for generation is 384 blocks (previously it was 256).

The bottommost bedrock layer is now at -64 instead of 0.

A new type of caves called “noise” has been added to the game. Their name is associated not with loud sounds, but with the features of the generation. At the moment, there can be two types:

  • “chees caves” – dungeons with a large number of passages and holes of different sizes;
  • “spaghetti caves” – long, narrow and intricate passages underground (in some places they can expand).

All existing types of underground structures, such as ravines or mineshafts, have been preserved and can make interesting combinations with new caves.

Also, aquifers have been added to the game. Their water level is independent of the sea. In most cases, they will create underground lakes, which, in fact, will be the entrance to “noise” caves.

In addition, dripleaf has been slightly modified. Now he will not hold the player indefinitely during jumps or crouching. But when a redstone signal is applied, it will stop bending.

At the moment, you cannot load old worlds in a new snapshot, but this will be fixed in the future, and you can add enlarged dungeons to your saves.


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