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Glow Squid and Glow Lichen Have Been Added in Snapshot 21w03a


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The first snapshot of 2021 delighted players with a new mob! It was the glow squid that won the last vote. Also added to the game is glowing lichen – a new plant that will light up the deepest caves.

Glow Squids are not yet generated naturally, they can be summoned using eggs in creative mode or using the command.

They got the following features:

  • friendly mobs like regular squids;
  • glowing brightly and are visible from afar;
  • drop glowing ink that can be used to create glowing frames and signs;
  • axolotls always attack squids they see.

Glow lichen has also been added to the game, which emits very weak light, but still makes it easier to navigate in deep caves. It can be harvested with shears, and can also be spread to neighboring blocks using bone meal.


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