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Minecraft 1.19.4 Released


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Minecraft 1.19.4 is already available in launchers for download. As for an interim update, this version contains quite a few changes, including new commands, enhanced accessibility settings, an improved world creation screen, and many other improvements. In parallel, the developers are demonstrating future features from version 1.20, which are now presented as a built-in data pack that players can include at their discretion.

Main changes in Minecraft 1.19.4:

  • vexes now have a special attack when not holding any item in their hand;
  • armor racks retain the names given to them after destruction and re-installation;
  • when you first start the game, a window with easy access settings now appears;
  • in the main menu, you can now navigate through the items using the arrow keys (to select, press Enter or spacebar);
  • added the ability to set the time for which notifications are delayed on the screen;
  • added the /ride command, which allows you to ride any creature in the game (at the same time, both players and other mobs can be “riders”);
  • reduced the brightness of the glow of enchanted items;
  • the interface for creating a new world has been redesigned, now it consists of three convenient tabs;
  • the /effect command can now apply the effect for an infinite amount of time, for this you need to specify infiniteite as the duration;
  • the player now emits a redstone signal during operation;
  • dispenser and funnel can interact with the player;
  • the workbench recipe is now available immediately after world creation;
  • campfire and crossbow recipes no longer open after adding a stick to inventory;
  • the breeding of horses has been changed, now the characteristics of the foals will not tend to the average values of the parents, which will gradually improve the offspring.

Numerous useful functions and commands have also been added that are invisible to ordinary players, but will allow you to create impressive datapacks and custom maps.


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