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Minecraft 1.20 Update Name Revealed


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In the last snapshots, the developers increasingly demonstrated new features of update 1.20, but some common topics were not traced between them. Now it became known the official name – Trails & Tales. Other details, such as the release date, have not yet been reported, it is only known that it will be released later this year.

The name of the renewal can be translated as roads and stories, so it can be assumed that it will be focused on the study of the world and the generation of interesting events. At the moment, it is known about the following functions:

  • new mobs (including the winner of the vote – Sniffer);
  • archeology;
  • cherry blossom biome;
  • new types of wood;
  • new items, such as suspended tablets and chiseled bookshelves;
  • And many other possibilities.

At the moment, the team is focused on the release of version 1.19.4, but carefully listens to the reviews of players about experimental functions, so they can still significantly change to release 1.20.


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