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Frogs and Tadpoles Added to Minecraft BE


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For Minecraft Bedrock Edition, beta update has been released with a new mob. There are frogs and tadpoles in the game. These changes are part of the upcoming Wild Update and should also appear in the first Java 1.19 snapshots.

Frogs have the following features:

  • spawn in swamp biomes;
  • can jump on land or swim in water;
  • make croaking sounds;
  • hunt small slugs, from which Slime Ball will be droped
  • bred with kelp (temporary solution), lay eggs;
  • tadpoles emerge from the eggs;
  • tadpoles can live only in water, when they hit land they will jump for a while, and then die;
  • tadpoles can be caught in a bucket and released into another body of water;
  • when they grow up, they turn into frogs.

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