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Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials Released!


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June 13 marks the highly anticipated release of Minecraft’s Tricky Trials Update, available on both Java and Bedrock Editions. This update introduces new challenges, mobs, and rewards, enriching the game’s adventure experience.

Explore the Trial Chambers

New trial chambers are sprawling copper structures filled with traps, treasures, and mobs. Players will encounter trial spawners that release waves of hostile creatures, including two new mobs: the breeze and the bogged. The breeze uses powerful projectile attacks, while the bogged is a poisonous skeleton.

Team Up for Adventure

Players can venture into these perilous chambers solo or with friends. The update includes a special vault block that rewards each player who uses a trial key, ensuring everyone gets a share of the loot.

Challenge Yourself Further

For those seeking extra difficulty, ominous trials offer a tougher experience. By drinking from ominous bottles, players can trigger these trials or village raids, facing stronger mobs and earning rare rewards.

New Weapons and Blocks

The update introduces the mace, a powerful weapon crafted with a breeze rod and a heavy core. The mace features unique enchantments and abilities, making it a formidable addition to any player’s arsenal. Players can also look forward to new decorative blocks and auto-crafting capabilities.

Decorate with New Items

Bring the trial chambers’ aesthetic to your base with new armor trims, pottery sherds, and banners. Additionally, 20 new paintings by artists Sarah Boeving and Kristoffer Zetterstrand offer fresh decorative options.



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