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Snapshot 22w17a features Goat Horn


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For a long time, goats didn’t have particular features in Minecraft, but now players will have extra motivation to look for them among the mountain peaks. Now the game has a new unique item – a goat horn.

Features of the new item:

  • drops out when a goat crashes into a tree or blocks that are characteristic of its place of residence;
  • when used, the horn makes a lingering sound that can be heard very far away;
  • depending on where the goats live, the horn can have one of 8 sounds (4 of them are unique to screaming goats);
  • as loot, the horn is found in chests from marauder camps.

We also continue to work on the balance of Warden:

  • ranged attack now passes through shield and armor;
  • ranged attack deals 10 damage instead of 30;
  • cooldown reduced from 5 to 2 seconds;
  • Varden’s death now drops a stalk catalyst.

Another important change to the snapshot is the improved security of the in-game chat.


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